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Glenline Logo Plain.png
Glenline Logo Plain.png

About Us...

What we do:
  • We focus on project delivery and quality.

  • We have a set of values and a culture of honesty and partnership in terms of how we treat our staff, customers and suppliers.

  • We believe in authentic knowledge within our business and promote this by formal training and learning by experience.

  • We encourage our staff in terms of personal development and education within our company. 

  • We promote group intelligence and teamwork – helping each other.

  • We have a culture of work ownership at all levels of the Organization.

  • We don’t micromanage.

  • When we get it wrong (and we do) we have straight and honest interaction with the customer and we own the problem.

What we don't do:
  • We don’t compromise on the Safety, Health and welfare of our staff, our subcontractors or the general public.

  • We don’t undertake projects below cost or at unsustainable prices which would put the future of the business and the lively hood of our staff in jeopardy.


Glenline Logo Plain.png
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