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Welcome to Glenline Telecoms.

Making the experience of telecommunications infrastructure management and implementation an experience since 1999.

Building strong links with our clients and ensuring delivery, satisfaction and quality by performance.

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Quality Auditing & Reporting...

Glenline Telecoms established a team of inspectors and auditors to ensure the quality of our installations, meet customer requirements in both telecoms and lighting solutions, this has assisted in the accreditation to our ISO standards.

Our audit work now extends to undertaking survey on installed sites for operators and equipment vendors. This work is based on a built up reputation in undertaking work that complies with the operators specifications.

We specialise in pre planning inspection and assessment of structures for analysis purposes that cover lattice towers, both free standing and guyed, monopoles, timber poles, chimney structures as well as rooftop solutions.

+353 [0] 45 861 295

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